From the recording I Need to Write a Song

I wrote and recorded this tune, I do vocals and flute and all parts. The intro uses a Kontakt synth called Mikroprism with the patch "Almost Meditation" and a 2 part vocal in octaves. Then another synth- Absynth also from Kontakt with patch: "Blue Sun". The verse changes feel significantly with vocal and a Combinator in Reason that has various percussion, bass and a phase organ. There are various devices such as a program sequencer (Matrix), etc. to create rhythms. The lyrics are about feelings being represented by sounds. The harmony includes a simple progression using major 7s at the beginning but morphing into a more sophisticated chord to represent the complexity of feelings: Gmaj7#11add9. The second verse expands on this with climbing 9 chords and adds strings "Touch Orchestra"- a Reason sound. The solo goes to a lydian sound ending on the b2.


I Need to write a song, that everyone has heard
With familiar words, that brush the heart
And turn feelings...Into...Sounds

I need to write a song that everyone has heard
And maybe then, I'll be the one
To touch a soul that cries, and bend a man who lies
And move a ship that settled to
The bottom of the sea

I Need to write a song- that everyone has heard