Sonja Hannington

Sonja's band plays a mixture of R&B in the tradition of Grover Washington, George Benson and Anita Baker, jazz and her original music.  
Cover tunes- Sonja Hannington: vocals, saxophone and flute; David Clarke: guitar; Lincoln Blake: keyboard; Bob Roman: bass; Bobby Duron: drums; Jeff Densmore: congas
Sonja's originals-  Sonja Hannington: vocals and flute; David Clarke: guitar; Brian Catell: keyboard; Bobby Duron: drums; Kent Palmer: bass; Robert Barrios: congas; David Wells and Wayne Delano: saxophones; Emma Stanley: flugelhorn;  Jim Winters: trombone

Sonja Hannington Jazz Quartet

A jazz quartet that performs regularly at fine establishments in Bangor and is available for wedding receptions, dinner parties, and other functions. 

Three Button Deluxe

Take four of the mid-coast area's most accomplished musicians--one part guitar slinger, one part bass man, one part rhythm king with a splash of sexy sax--combine with a common love for the jumpin' and jivin' sounds of the '40s and '50s, stir in zoot suits and retro-rocker threads, shake it up and pour the whole she-bang in a cocktail glass over ice-cool, vintage instruments. That's how you make the Three Button Deluxe daddy-o! 

What's in a name? Well, everything you could say. Folks ask if Three Button Deluxe is the name of some kind of special zoot suit jacket. Well, nobody in this band has counted their buttons, but it could be, Pops! Is it a cocktail of some sort? Could be, but you'll never see one on a bar menu anywhere. Another rumor has it that Quick's guitar has a special control layout. Actually, I couldn't tell ya ... that cat's too fast to know for sure! Old Fez said it is the name of an Atlantic City card hustle, but we wouldn't know anything about that, officer. Is it the punch line of a tired joke? The special tranny in a '59 Chrysler? Or is it in memory of their long-dead mentor, trumpet virtuoso Rosemont "Thatch" Johnson? To be honest, only the band knows for sure. And they ain't tellin' neither. So what's the best answer to the question "What does Three Button Deluxe mean?" Don't bust yer conch trying to figure it out. Simply put, it means a great time for everyone at their show. 

The band is dedicated to putting on a great event, with the best music from the years when the babies were boomin' jack! Come catch us at one of our gigs, we'll be bring the music and the fun ... you supply the shoe leather! Don't be a wet rag, these cats are radioactive, you dig? 

"Gotta jump? 
This band delivers. 
Swing your thing? 
We givin' chicks the shivers. 
Wanna roll? 
You better clear the floor. 
Need to rock? 
We'll knock you out the door. 
You don't need no tie or tux! 
Get ready for Three Button Deluxe!"