From the recording When Will the World Fit Me

This is an original tune I'm working on. I do vocals, flute, midi instruments, etc. Starts with a four bar intro using a the "Kinetic Metal" device in the Kontakt library (tonal percussion called "Gear Box")The only other accompaniment is a Kontakt piano called "Noire". It's written for a challenge on Sax on the Web to write a two chord original.


I came here
To get away from myself
But all I found
Maybe looking at the sky, maybe looking at the moon
Can't really help me to...see
I came here
To get away from it all
What did I think I'd find?
A long lost friend, maybe we'd make amends
Over a glass of wine?

When will the world fit me, when will I be free
When will the world ever fit me?
When can I be free?
Looking for somethin'...